Put Beams in Your Center with Event Presence

Our Beam is the premiere Smart Presence™ System. Going beseven-upyond traditional video conferencing products, Beam removes the constraints of a screen by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of mobility. The combination provides a rich experience that connects people in ways no other tool offers.

This Smart Presence™ technology provides the platform to increase the strength of your Center and events.


Benefits to Your Center and Events  

  • Enhance Venue Sales – Attract new business. The Beam is a next generation tool that allows event managers to visit your Center from anywhere in the world without leaving town.
  • Staff Productivity – Center and event staff can easily be anywhere in the building, anytime.
  • Increase Venue Services – The Beam offers event managers a new tool to attract sought after speakers without the need for them to travel. Beams have proven to increase attendance by allowing event access to attendees not otherwise committed to attend in person.
  • Bolster Security – Use the Beams from anywhere and your staff can have immediate presence when needed.
  • Generate Center Revenue – Beams are rented by event management, exhibitors and attendees. A percentage of the revenue generated by rental of Beams is shared with your Center.
BeamPro System Requirements

Yep! Even you can become a Beam Pilot.