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Richard Branson on a Beam

#RichardBranson: ‘#Communication Is The Most Important Skill Any Leader Can Possess’ http://onforb.es/1dJVEHT @forbes

Richard Branson on a Beam

Branson on a Beam 2

Peter Diamandis & Edward Snowden at CES 2016

Peter Diamandis & Edward Snowden at CES 2016 via the Event Presence VIP program


Edward Snowden on a BeamPro at CSLA Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Wed ,16 September 2015: CLSA Limited (CLSA), Asia’s leading and longest-running independent brokerage and investment group opened in Hong Kong with a bang and a Beam.

Event Presence was the go to team to provide and support BeamPro’s to the event. Once again the United States security contractor Edward Snowden utilized a BeamPro to address the high profile audience. When Ed wants to travel, his go to technology is a BeamPro.

ed snowden Hong Kong CSLA 2015

Yep! Even you can become a Beam Pilot.