Lexus Finance Agreement

15. Pay Online General Terms and Conditions of Sale. has. General description of online pay functions. Pay Online is a service available to our customers who sign up for online account services. Unless otherwise stated in these Pay Online Terms and Conditions, you may use Pay Online to authorise one-time or recurring electronic payments on one or more of your accounts. You acknowledge that the origin of electronic debit transactions on your bank account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law and the rules of the National Chamber of Automatic Clearing. b. Copies of documents. During the period during which we will grant documents on your behalf, you may request a paper copy of these online pay terms of sale or authorization for a recurring or one-time payment by calling the telephone number mentioned in section 27. We provide you with the copies free of charge. You may print, print or download any page of Pay Online or electronic messages that we send, print or download to our secure web support center if you meet the hardware, software and other requirements specified in the consent to electronic communications and agreements.

c. Selection of the amount and postal date of the payments scheduled with Pay Online. You may authorize a one-time or recurring payment of any amount less than or equal to $5.00 but less than $999,999.99, including an amount less than or equal to the total monthly amount due below your account; However, if you authorize us to pay the full amount due to your account, the payment is made in that amount. You can set a booking date for a one-time or recurring payment, before or after the due date of a payment due below your account; provided, however, that a one-time payment is not provided for more than 60 days before the due date of the payment. If you enter a payment date after our 5.m. Pacific Time cut-off time, we may change the payment date of your payment to our next business day. We will notify you if the date you have set has passed the due date of the next monthly payment to your account. Regardless of the payment amount or the effective date of the payment you expect with Pay Online, you are responsible for meeting all the terms of your account, including, but not limited to, your consent to make all payments on the due date and in the amount required by your account. Therefore, when using Pay Online, we recommend that you schedule your payments in amounts and using validity dates that meet your payment obligations from your account.

If, on the due date, you do not pay in the amount requested by your account, whether that payment is made via Pay Online or any other payment method, we have the rights and remedies that are available under your account or that are otherwise available legally or in equity. . . .

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