Speaker Agreement Cancellation Clause

10. Case of force majeure 10.1 In the event that the agreement cannot be complied with or if any of its obligations may be fulfilled for any reason, beyond the proper control of one of the parties, including war, labour disputes, floods, access, non-performance or non-performance of the undertaking of this contract is considered to be inconsistent with the terms of this agreement. 10.2 In the event that the circumstances described in point 10.1 continue for more than one calendar month, any party may terminate the contract without delay by written notification to the other party. 11. Applicable law and jurisdiction This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales, whose courts are exclusively competent for all disputes arising from their conditions or construction (including non-contractual disputes). 5. Payment of fees and fees 5.1 Given Chartis, which provides the Spokesperson`s services for this commitment, the Customer will pay the fee according to the corresponding invoice. If the customer does not return the payment in a timely manner, Chartis reserves the right to immediately cancel (a) the booking; and (b) to treat the non-payment as a cancellation by the customer, in which case the customer must pay the cancellation fee applicable to Chartis in accordance with point 9 immediately. 5.2 The customer is responsible for all necessary costs incurred by the spokesperson and directly related to the commitment. The customer provides the spokesperson with accommodation, meals and all air or airport tickets. All trips will be first class, unless Chartis has agreed otherwise in writing. The fee is charged to the Chartis customer and must be paid within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

5.3 In the event that the fees are not fully paid according to the terms of the respective invoices or invoices, Chartis reserves the right to calculate, from the date of the invoice, an interest 4% higher than HSBC Bank`s current base interest rate. 3. Customer Obligations The customer provides: – 3.1 a suitable place with proper heating, lighting and ventilation. 3.2 that all necessary provisions regarding the place of fire, security and other legal sites be respected and that the maximum capacity of spectators for the venue of the event is not exceeded. 3.3 Appropriate assurances, including appropriate liability insurance, and that the customer must compensate the spokesperson for any action, claim, claim or procedure that is taken against the spokesperson by a person, company, company, government agency or agency resulting or related to the organization or performance of the activities and opportunities to which the client or person refers to the client`s instruction or with the client`s authority or authorization. organization or execution of the activities and opportunities to which the client or a person refers on the customer`s instruction or with the client`s authority and the client`s authorization. and the expenses that Chartis and the spokesperson may inc afford. 3.4 All technical requirements, layout and stage accessory that are included in the details of the booking or requested prior to the engagement, which are necessary for the performance of the services by the spokesperson and which must ensure them in perfect condition and in particular an appropriate reinforcement. 3.5 Each speaker support requested by the spokesperson as part of this commitment is requested by a company approved by the spokesperson.

7. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights 7.1 The client undertakes not to allow any person to make an audio or video recording of the participation or performance of the services by the Spokesperson, unless he has given his written consent from Chartis. 7.2 Copyright and other intellectual property rights on all materials used for or in connection with the engagement are and will remain reserved for Chartis.

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