The Beam 10 Pack

Another high profile Conference incorporates Beams as a Service (BAAS) from Event Presence. Colleagues from around the world are scheduled to participate as attendees and in panel discussions. A new feature created by EP allows conference attendees to scan a dynamic QR code to obtain detailed information about the person on the Beam.

10 pack CSCW

Beam Pilots can now socialize at events by filling out their Beam Profile. When a person scans the QR code on the Beam, select details about the Pilot are provided automatically to the scanning device.

Beam QR App


As the conference developed individuals from around the world customized their Beam according to their personal preference.  This allowed the conference associates to quickly determine what country or organization the Pilot originated from.


DSC_7402_700   20160302_163404_700





Yep! Even you can become a Beam Pilot.