Aussie House Sitters Agreement

Aussie House Sitters is our go-to-house sitting site when we are in Australia. It has the largest selection of seats available in Australia from each location. Your Trusted House Sitters affiliation will cost you $119 usd for one year. If you plan to sit all year round (or even just one or two weeks), it`s definitely worth it. If you spend the year in the house, you basically paid $119 for 1 year`s rent. If you intend to sit only for a few weeks, it`s still worth joining – if you`re sitting for 2 weeks, you`re only paying $119USD for your accommodation! At $84 AUD, it`s a bit cheaper than Trusted House Sitter and looking for a much better option for those who are only sitting at home in Australia. Once you have set your filters, you can view all available jobs as LIST or MAP. In any case, it is possible to click on the complete list of all relevant information, including all reviews left about the house and the owner`s experience. 1: If you are applying for a seat, try to apply for seats that do not have too many candidates. 2: If you apply, be very quick with your application – first in the first hour of the frequency served! 3: Write a personalized and thoughtful letter to the owner and really let them know why you want the seat and why you would be the perfect sitter. 4: Transmission by Airbnb or rental references, the more, the better. You want the landlord to know that you are real and that you can take care of a house. 5: Try making a Skype video call with them – it`s much easier to talk about this in person than via email! My husband and I are leaving so close to Australia next year that we thought about sitting there when we heard friends say they were a lot of possibilities?? Do you recommend some platforms for Australia or what should we do before leaving Los Angeles? Our only small concern is the recent marketing message, which is very pro “FREE RENT” – we only hope that it won`t attract the wrong people to sit down.

At the end of the day, there are responsibilities, the most important of which is the care and love of pets! She also believes that one of the reasons sitting in the house is booming is the growing population of pet owners in Australia….

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