Branded Beam Wraps

A BeamPro ready to ship inside a Beam case.

A Beam case size is 66″ x 23″ x 22″.

A Beam weighs 100lbs the custom Beam case 90lbs.

Arrives ready to go. Turn on the Beam, connect to the WiFi and you are ready to rock the world!

Beam Case



Ignite Branded Heads1000 Beams

Two awe 1000mcc beamsbranded 4

branded back


samsung 2EP BrandedInter con branded

Below: Beam Shipping Case – Case dimensions  66″ tall x 32″ x 22″

Case designed to ship one BeamPro and Docking Station. Case has wheels.

Case weight empty = 100lbs. BeamPro weight 95lbs.

Total weight with Docking Station with BeamPro = 200lbs

Beam Case 1

Yep! Even you can become a Beam Pilot.