How To Upload Rent Agreement In Gst Portal

I applied for the GST number. also received the message from the GST division. And I received my GST number in the message. But if I use it on the online portal of Amazon – Flipkart, it displays the invalid GST number within 15 days it will be updated, unless friendly contact with the name of the Firm portal, an address can be changed with the option provided under the Services tab of the GST portal, i.e. modification of the base and non-core fields. Note: If the head office is located in an SEZ or if the applicant is a DENT developer, documents/certificates issued by the Indian government must be downloaded. Since July 2017, there are some spelling mistakes in my key areas (business name, main business location) that I would now like to change. Please choose the date of a change, July 2017 or the current date. Change in email or mobile phone number: Changing the email or mobile phone number requires verification by the OTP (single-time password) after checking online on a common GST portal. Has a message to upload the photo and hairs on the portal. I don`t know where to put it online. You won`t ask that if it`s just the spelling correction, why I didn`t choose the registration date…..

Or suggests to me the reason I should give if I choose the current date as the change date in the spelling error, so that it works without the announcement of GST officials. In the event of a request to change the GST registration, the subject must file the application containing the necessary documents to modify the GST portal within 15 days. After approval of the GST REG 14 change form, the changes are corrected in the form of GST REG 06. Finally, I put the electronic invoice online and filed the application. All right. If I have to download a rental file less than 1MB? A correction after deposit Is possible For bank details, a copy of the cancelled cheque or the passbook extract/bank extract (with the first and last page) must be downloaded. (JPEG format / PDF format, maximum size – 100 KB) I applied for an additional business place on February 23, 2018. I filled out all the necessary details, but there was no way to download documents.

I received an email saying that my application was successfully submitted and that the RNA was generated. But my status still displays “Application in Processing.” I would like to know how the documents are submitted and how long it takes to process my application. (11-12 days ago) To obtain the GST registration, the partnership must submit an application electronically in the GST REG-01 form to the common GST portal, along with the following details and documents. I asked for some changes in the key areas of GST registration and the same thing was approved by the department. Please let me know about each certificate of amendment, if any……. as proof of such a change – how to download the same thing on the portal. I have a GST record of the state of Rajasthan, now I would like to change it to the state of Maharashtra, Is this change possible in GST portal? Please update the change in the content of the GST portal In an owner`s PAN data, the father`s name has been changed. But in the GST portal, as the owner company, the old pan details of the owner are recorded. How do I get GST Registration? New CBEC Rules The following information has extracted the bees from CBEC which helps to obtain GST registered.

The documents required for the new GST registration are shown below: Documents needed to complete the re-enrollment application: Please keep available the scanned copy of the documents mentioned below to complete your re-enrollment application: Detailed information on the documents selected by the applicant. Constitution of commercial proof of the constitution of the size of the document (evidence required for the creation of a business) proprietorship-type document; Nile (no installation required) 1 MB JPEG, PDF partnership; Partnership status Any proof of The Constitution 1 MB JPEG, PDF Hindu Undivided Family Nile (no installation required) 1 MB JPEG, PDF Private Limited Company; Creative Certificate 1 MB JPEG, PDF Public Limited Company; Certificate fonda

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