Language Handbook 2 Agreement Making Subject And Verb Agree Answer Key

NAME CLASS DATE 2Language Worksheet 9 (continued) Manual Exercise D Most of the following sentences contain errors in the subject verb or © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Pronomen-Precursors. Draw a line by any wrong verb or pronoun and write the correct shape in the line indicated. If a sentence is already correct, write C. THE EXAMPLES have 1. Some of my classmates participated in the short stories contest. C 2. Manuel doesn`t play football, but he watches it on TV. _________ 1. All the equipment of the group was unloaded from the bus.

__________ 2. Joseph and Emilio will both publish his articles in hanover High School Star. _________ 3. Each of the boys showed his collage at the front of the classroom. _______ 4. Gymnastics is one of Teresa`s favorite sports that can be observed during the Olympic Games. _________ 5. Here are several Akari lamps designed by Isamu Noguchi. _________ 6.

The chess club organizes a tournament every spring and a tournament in the fall. _________ 7. Anyone who completes their test early can spend the rest of the class time reading independently. _________ 8. Two-thirds of the students participated in the award ceremony. _________ 9. Neither Gerald nor Jonathan have read Pat Mora`s poems. ________ 10. Alex doesn`t understand his sister`s fascination with bees and other insects. _________ 11. Today, in class, Lucy or Martha will present their oral report on Dr. Helen Rodriguez.

_______ 12. “Those Winter Sundays” is Robert Hayden`s poem that I analyzed for my work. _________ 13. Has a bouquet of white roses arrived for mother? _________ 14. Everyone on the hockey team trains hard every day. _________ 15. Jeffrey Chapman and Joanna Osburn Bigfeather both exhibited works in the museum`s current art exhibition. _________ 16. Taro`s two dogs were put on the same special diet. _______ 17. Someone from the girls` tennis team left his bat on the court.

_________ 18. Yolanda and her brother finished their homework early so they could go to the concert. _________ 19. The main attraction of the Rose Parade is the colorful car. __________ 20. Thirteen dollars is the amount I paid for this Kirsty MacColl CD. 26 Language manual 23 6 Sentences Worksheet 1 Identification of sentences and prepositional sentences 1. NP 4. NP 2. PHR 5. NP 3. PHR (Answers vary.) 1.

Mountains 2. the bike, the scooter 3. break 4. tamales 5. the store, the banking exercise C 1. along the docks; next to the East River; in the shade; The Brooklyn Bridge 2. during hours; before sunrise; to take action; feet; the tall skyscraper 3. in an ascending crescendo; noise; early in the morning; of heart; from the city 4th to the ceiling; with crates of fish; remote locations; throughout the city 5. for the 6th (no prepositional sentence) 7. On boats; for weather conditions; in Atlantic winds 8. before noon; on Path 9. for dinner Worksheet 2 Use and identification of adjective phrases (Answers vary.) 1.

the motorway through Laredo 2. with black gloves 3. a window in the wall is 4. . . .

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