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The agreement is fundamental to improving the quality of basic medical and post-secondary medical training in Wales, by improving the trainer`s profile and visibility and recognising this role in assisting students and mentoring apprentices and promoting excellence in education and training. Compliance with the agreement will contribute to the coherence and transparency of the provision of general and vocational training in all health councils and trusts in Wales, coordinated and managed by the three education organisers. It therefore makes an important contribution to the Welsh Government`s Train, Work, Life campaign and to the implementation of the recommendations of the Parliamentary Review of Health Care and Social Assistance in Wales, making Wales an ideal place to train and work. The agreement defines the role, responsibilities and rights of individual trainers, higher education institutions and medical schools, health services and trusts throughout Wales, as well as support mechanisms for providing quality medical training. While taking into account all the roles of coaches in secondary education and the training of primary pupils, it is essential to fulfil the responsibility of the education organisers towards the General Medical Council in formal recognition of the status of trainers in Wales and in the achievement of regulators` standards for teaching and medical training. The introduction of the agreement across Wales on a new system of online agreements (the Trainer Agreement Gateway or “TAG”) ensures an effective and consistent approach for all signatory countries and stakeholders. Among the “next steps” is to ensure that universities fulfil their defined role in the agreement and ensure that the NHS health services in Wales and the various trainers carry out their responsibilities. This approach is fostered by the promotion of an environment in which trainers engaged in a quality training offer in Wales benefit from sustained support and development supported by a community of practitioners made up of trainers throughout Wales who share a common interest in excellence training. On Tuesday, November 13, the All Wales Medical Trainer Agreement for Secondary Care and Undergraduate Education was launched through a new online contract system, the Trainer Agreement Gateway (TAG).

Wales is the first country in the United Kingdom to apply this uniform and harmonised approach to trainer recognition, demonstrating the commitment of medical schools to help individuals cooperate in all medical education and training in Wales. By signing the agreement, the parties demonstrate their commitment to playing important coaching roles and implementing quality monitoring of training, placement and modules, as well as an appropriate learning and support environment for students and apprentices, which ultimately improves patient safety and improves the quality of patient care. If you have reached this page via a link on our website, please contact us. In addition, you can follow these steps: If you are a UK training provider and want to access new business opportunities, click on Marijn Kampf from HEIW`s digital team, which has been working on development since January 2018 in close collaboration with the Quality and PGES unit. The application is based on the HEIW`s own framework and will make several improvements, including ease and speed of the procedure, as well as monitoring and information to the General Medical Council. With our network of 1,700 accredited UK training professionals, we can help you find the best provider of service, know-how and cost. We are pleased to announce the introduction of the All-Wales Medical Coach Agreement. Home | Terms and conditions and policies| Contacts| Help Center Photo shows Pushpinder Mangat, Medical Director of HEIW and Anton Saayman, Sub Dean (Postgraduate Education Support and Quality Improvement Skills Skills Training) This is the culmination of a vast progra

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