Us Military Base In Ghana Agreement

In 1961, Ghana was the first country to which the United States sent Peace Corps personnel after President John F. Kennedy ordered the creation of an agency within the State Department. [2] Since then, the two countries have engaged in joint military cooperation and exchange programs. A recent example of this is that Ghanaian forces, trained in jungle warfare over the past forty years, assisted regional U.S. Army forces in a jungle warfare exercise at the Achiase Military Base in Ghana. [3] The Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF) is the group behind the protests, with the support of the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC). When the SOFA on the 23rd NDC members politicized the agreement by attempting the agreement and only having to vote on its adoption by the ruling members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). There has been a flood of discussion and speculation about U.S. intentions in Ghana on social media, undersing persistent suspicions that AFRICOM intends to build a sustainable foundation. A new agreement between the U.S. military and Ghana led to “Ghana First” rallies in Accra, the capital, last week. The agreement updates the 1998 Status of the Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA).

In 2018, it is estimated that the United States is providing $20 million in training and equipment to the Ghanaian military. But details of the deal that has circulated in Ghana include American access to Ghanaian radio frequencies and an airport runway. Ghanaian officials said these aspects were present during previous joint military exercises. Last week, thousands of Ghanaians protested in Accra, the capital, against the deal, in a rare public demonstration of resistance to a growing foreign military presence in West Africa. While the U.S. military has been conducting covert and joint operations in Africa for years; Providing military training to African nations, especially Ghana, for decades, without having collected many Africans and the world. This agreement between Ghana and the United States will result in a significant and tangible presence of U.S. forces and private military contractors on our lands and disrupt our way of life.

Disrupt our way of life? What do you mean? First, let`s be real, America seems to be attracting terrorist flies to honey. And if they are allowed to create a more visible presence in Ghana; We will certainly lure terrorism on our doorstep. Ghana is by no means a utopia, but perhaps it remains one of the few stable African countries on the entire African continent and one of the few countries not to experience drone attacks; terrorist attacks; coups d`état; the collapse of the economy; bloody civil war; or a mass famine. Akufo-Addo rejected allegations from critics that the deal would allow the US to establish a military base in Ghana. Following the attack on a U.S. diplomatic unit in Libya in 2012, the military set up Barebones launch pads for rapid reaction troops and locations for rotating forces. Ghana, Senegal and Gabon and others have hosted some 12 such sites in Africa, AFRICOM officials said. Here`s the political science behind it.

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