Virtual Conference Speaker Agreement

In the unavoidable situation where I am unable to fulfill my reporting obligation, I will immediately notify the main point of contact of the event by phone or email so that the company can find another reference for my meeting. If I violate the terms of this Agreement or if I do not meet the deadlines, the Company reserves the right to replace me as moderator by another moderator of my company or organization or another company or other organization, at the sole discretion of the company. Best practices: bbcon spokespeople, referring to political organisations, should do so in such a way as to show that they are seized an opportunity to learn best practices and to ensure that the way in which they engage does not read as an endorsement of the specific group. We ask all speakers to format their presentation films with the official Summit Slide Model cover film, which contains our Summit #stc21 hashtag at the bottom of each slide, so participants can tweet during your presentation. We also ask all speakers to present a document on the procedures of the conference. Models, tips and due dates follow. Plan a production team that will work on the various technologies with speakers they will take care of. This will help prepare them in time. Plan the technical tests to make sure the speakers look the best and ring. For some examples of what you need to deal with during technology testing, here are a few things to consider when checking pre-event technology: Preparing speakers with technology is part of a successful virtual event. Spokespeople who are using virtual technology for the first time want to follow a series of best practices to ensure that their presentation is successful.

By providing best practices on behalf of the organization, presentations will be consistent and professional. At least, here`s what we`re proposing: Apolitical – Bridge Building: bbcon speakers are required to read all content referring to a controversial political topic, through the lens of someone who supports and contradicts someone, and ensure that the language and attitude used do not unnecessarily distract people on both sides. This year, the summit calendar and stakeholder information will be published on the summit`s website and on the virtual conference platform. STC fills the site with your presentation information and creates an account on the virtual platform for you. As you approach the summit, you`ll receive instructions on how to log in to your account, reset the system password, and update your profile. MeetGreen`s Virtual Event Experts, Britta Ehnebuske and Kate Wilson, share this information based on their work, which produces high-level virtual events for global customers. It is worth planning the investment for a successful event, to plan the time with each of these activities, to prepare stakeholders for virtual events. Use this speaker manual and the many resources on the Summit website as a guide to prepare for your meeting.

To help us better serve members year after year, we invite all conference participants to evaluate their experience in the program, including the evaluation of each session they participate in. The results of the spokesperson`s evaluation will be made available to you at the end of the conference. We also offer a keynote speaker`s orientation, tips on how to make your virtual presentation as effective as possible, and ways to test and test your system.

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