If being there is the gold standard for meeting people, then Smart Presence with the Beam is the next best way to collaborate from a distance.

Beams are currently positioned in locations around the world.  As the Beam network continues to grow, you’ll have more options to Beam instantly to locations and events of your choice.  Click here to See where you can Beam now and ad where you would like to Beam

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Be There – Make an impression. Close the deal. Skip the airport food, lost luggage and jet lag. The Beam is for people that get things done. You can now be present on many continents in multiple events in the same day.

RoboBusiness Show – Nearly 100 people beamed into RoboBusiness 2013, hosted in Santa Clara, CA, from countries including Australia, Turkey, India, Japan, and more. A total of 127 hours of calls were made, equivalent to 5 days of continuous conversation, and the ability for participants to connect with different exhibitors via Beam was truly amazing. Attendees did not feel the pressure to obtain Visa’s or travel, and booth sponsors were able to showcase and sell products to folks who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to attend.

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How to Beam – The Beam App connects you to Beams wherever they are. Use it to call into and drive (pilot) any Beam around. Piloting is easy with our intuitive interface, and simple controls: Use your mouse, keyboard, or Xbox™ controller to drive. For an immersive experience, use the full screen option. The Beam App is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X 10.7+. Updates are free and automatic, so you’ll always have the newest features.

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