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You exhibit to obtain interest from prospective buyers & business partners. The Beam resonates with attendees like no other interactive tool. The Beam is redefining presence by giving people the power to choose when and where to be present, regardless of geographic location, time constraints or environmental conditions.

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Bring In Your Key Executives –  Your C-Level executives can now easily attend every event you have, even if there are multiple events in distant locations on the same day. Key customers deserve attention & potential clientele need to be impressed so, when you can’t be there in person, Beaming there is the next best thing.

Maximize Your Brain Trust- Beam in your core engineering team on demand to answer important questions and you might close the deal. It’s now easy to answer any question, anytime when you have a Beam in your booth.  Your staff can now engage when it counts and then get back to work instantly.

Attract New Prospects- Wherever a Beam is present, you’ll find a crowd of people engaged.  The Beam creates excitement; curiosity and conversation which helps your sales team build rapport with prospects.

Longer Dwell Times- Longer attendee dwell times mean more quality conversations about your company and your offering. The longer a prospect or customer stays in your booth the less time they spend with the competitor. Increase your dwell time by 15 minutes on average.

Host Virtual Meetings- If you have a key customer or prospect that wanted to visit with you at the convention but just couldn’t make it. Not a problem. Simply send a link to the individual of your choice and the Beam software will allow the person to access the Beam when you elect. You can schedule meetings in advance making it easy to include who you want, when you want.  Park a Beam at your office and show attendees can tour your facility from your tradeshow booth.

Differentiation- When it comes to trade shows, conventions or events, the main goal is to separate your company from the competition. Adding a Beam to your booth is one of the most valuable differentiators you can add to your event.

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Press – It’s easy to invite press to your booth with the Beam. The Beam is the ultimate press tool. It helps them access an event otherwise not easy available to them and you will receive the coveted press.

BeamPro System Requirements

Yep! Even you can become a Beam Pilot.